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goer n : someone who leaves [syn: departer, leaver]

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  1. One who, or that which, goes.
    She is an avid movie-goer.
  2. A machine, especially a motor car, that performs well.
    I bought her secondhand, but she's a good little goer.
  3. A person, often a woman, who enjoys sexual activity.
    She's a right little goer, I could hear her from next door.
    • 1990, Hampton Charles, Advantage Miss Seeton,] page 45,
      He winked at Parsons. "If I'm any judge, she must've bin a right little goer in 'er day."
    • 2001, Peter Buse, Drama + Theory: Critical Approaches to Modern British Drama,[ page 102,
      '(Intimate, man to man) Eh, I bet she's a goer, int she sunshine? She's got a fair pair of knockers on her too.'
    • 2001, Edna Walsh, Bedbound and Misterman,[ ] ISBN 1854596403, page 22,
      'I can tell that yer a right little goer, hey Larsie?!' I call over two slappers and slip them a few hundred! Before I know it me and Lars and the two slappers are rolling around a giant bed with the hungriest genitals in Gay Paree!

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